The reasons why studying abroad in Japan in 2022 become a trend

Studying in Japan in 2022 after graduating from high school is now the choice of many students. So what are the conditions to be able to study abroad in Japan in 2022? and how is the cost of studying in Japan in 2022. Join FPT Japan Academy to find out the latest information about studying abroad in Japan in 2022 through the article below!

The reasons why students should definitely study abroad in Japan 2022.

When studying abroad in Japan in 2022, you will have access to a developed and high-quality education.

According to the survey results of the Japan Student Support Organization (JASSO), the number of international students entering Japan in 2021 is 7,078 Due to the impact of the Covid epidemic, the number of international students in Japan is The copy has decreased significantly compared to previous years.

Studying in Japan in 2022, accessing a developed education

However, this number is higher than many other countries in Asia. Japan is still ranked among the top Asian countries with the highest number of international students. Prove that the quality of training in the country of the rising sun is recognized and trusted by international students. In Japan, which is more famous for its training in engineering and information technology, many international students choose it.

When studying in Japan 2022, you will have access to a variety of cultures.

Japanese culture is a cross between Eastern and Western cultures. For students who are studying abroad in Japan, they will know about hot springs, cherry blossoms, kimonos, martial arts or tea ceremony culture….

When studying in Japan in 2022, you will have access to a variety of cultures.

In particular, there are many international students in Japan who admit that, because they are impressed with the scenes in Japanese anime, they study in this country. It proves that Japanese culture is one of the reasons why this country becomes a study destination for many international students.

Job opportunities when graduating from studying in Japan 2022

After graduating in Japan, you can stay in Japan to work or return to Vietnam with a solid Japanese language. Whether you stay in Japan or return to Vietnam, you can easily find jobs with your Japanese ability. According to the 2022 statistics of the Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO), up to 700 Japanese enterprises are investing in Vietnam.

Job opportunities upon graduation to study in Japan in 2022

The Navigos survey also shows that Japanese companies are the most preferred working environment in Vietnam with 77% of the votes. Reasons why Japanese companies are preferred by: Professional working environment – Standard working attitude and style Attractive income and benefits. The average salary of Vietnamese employees working in Japanese companies is quite different depending on industry, experience and capacity.

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