The school’s predecessor was the Japanese Human Resource Training and Development Center – FPT Japan which provided Japanese language training to thousands of Vietnamese people coming to Japan for work or study under the Bridge System Engineer (BrSE) training program over the past years. In 2019, FPT Japan Holdings established FPT Japan Academy (FJA) in Japan with the mission of training a generation of experts who are good at Japanese, creating a learning environment for young people with dreams of becoming global citizens and wishing to live, work or study in Tokyo, Japan – one of the largest & most livable cities in the world. After graduation, students are given the opportunity to pursue their further education or opt to work for FPT Japan Holdings or other Japanese companies.

Training Motto

Optimize learning efficiency

Teachers at FJA clearly understand the difference between “practical Japanese” and “theoretical Japanese”.

Complex Chinese character system that can hardly be written by Japanese people or literary structures that are only used by specific groups of people, such as writers or novelists, fall into the category of impractical Japanese. Thanks to the balance between the commonly used and rarely used parts of Japanese, the curriculum is built effectively and waste of any kind is minimized.

Practice extensive reading

FJA students are required to practice comprehension of various grammatical structures. This approach helps them clearly understand the inherent meaning of words without translation into their native language. As a result, vocabulary and new structures acquired by the learners will be significantly increased.

Enhance presentation skills

At FJA, essays are assigned every weekend. Students will be given opportunities to speak and make presentations in class. By being more vocally expressive, they can practice grammar and expressions and, in doing so, improve their ability to communicate in Japanese.

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